The Beginning of the AIP Journey

The first full week of living the Autoimmune Paleo Diet is complete.  I feel fantastic, but this is harder than I thought…..

First thing was first.  Shopping! IMG_9229.JPG  Minus a few kid specific items, the entire cart was full of chicken, fish, fruits and veggies.  After carrying the whole car load in solo, I proceeded to clean the entire refrigerator.  That was fun. <–sarcasm.

So after prepping the kitchen for this adventure, the fun began.  The first few days were great.  I enjoyed cooking again, more so than I have in the recent months.  This journey has given me an opportunity to take fresh ingredients and be creative.  But you can only be so creative with the limited ingredients I had at my disposal.  By the end of the week, my meals ended up being the same foods, just in a different shape. Note to self: More ingredients, less bulk.

Here are a few meals from this week:

IMG_9323Asparagus and Bacon Soup

IMG_9267.JPG Carrot and Parsnip “Fries”

IMG_9278.JPGChicken and Sweet Potato Soup

IMG_9265.JPGTilapia with sautéed greens and mashed sweet potatoes.

IMG_9281.JPG coconut crumble with sautéed greens and bacon

Those were just a few of my favorites.  I did learn that after two meals of Tilapia, that I have developed an intolerance for that specific fish.  Two gnarly stomach aches followed each meal. Adios Tilapia!

The hardest part: no coffee.

I have never gone more than a couple days without coffee.  I never realized how hard it would be to cut out a morning cup of joe. I feel like an addict in rehab, actually shedding a few tears one morning.  Pathetic now that I think back to that moment of weakness.  You never realize how much your truly rely on something until it is gone. Needless to say, my green tea replacement is becoming something I look forward to each morning, late morning, early afternoon, and evening.

As far as my mood, I was pretty grumpy towards the end of last week. My wife felt the need to comment on petulant state on multiple occasions. After the weekend, my irritability seems to have subsided and for the most part, reversed.  I feel fantastic right now, have more energy and spunk than I have in weeks.  The brain fog that took up residence in my mind has vacated, if only for a little while.  And I have even, unintentionally, dropped a couple pounds.

Bring on Week 2!


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