Our Thanks to Denae Nicole Photography!

unnamed (1)“Photographs are those tangible memories that people can see for generations to come.” – Denae Serzan
Local resident, Denae Serzan, is a master a capturing these moments.  Born and raised in Virginia City, Nevada, a tiny mining ghost town of 1,000 residents similar to those of the Gold Rush and Bonanza.  She moved to Virginia with her now 10-year-old daughter a little over three years ago.  Here, she met her husband of almost two years.  During this time, she had an intense passion for photograph as a hobby, but it was Denae’s husband who was the one who finally gave her the push and support she needed to go develop her passion into her business.


“It is my passion and I love to bring people’s stories, their love stories to life. Love stories between friends, family, couples and I have a sweet spot for the love story of a new baby being brought into the world.” 

Denae enjoys being connected with the community and feels the networking required to be a successful photograph has been vital into maintaining that connection.  She is in close contact with a wide range of vendors and professionals such as midwives, birthing centers, florists, bakers, shops, other photographers, and even local artists who create some of her unique props.
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“I love my clients and the businesses I work alongside. I truly think I have one of the best jobs in the world.”

Denae has a distinct style that has evolved and been cultivated by a plethora of specific life
unnamed (4)experiences.
 “I am a double cancer survivor and I believe that has had a profound impact on my photography and how I see through my lens. It has given me an eye for the unnoticed, because often those moments are the most important.”
She utilizes natural light, the glow of the sun and the natural shadows it produces to create dreamy and whimsical images outside of a studio.  Her ability to make her clients feel comfortable brings out raw emotion, which truly sets her apart from other photographers in the area.
When asked to support the Tri FAST for Stroke Team for the National Stroke Association, Denae was one of the first to support the journey.  She has a personal stake in this endeavor, as her mother has suffered a stroke.  Luckily, her mother was close to a local stroke center and time was her side.  While that experience was difficult, Denae also knows that once someone has suffered a stroke, they are far more likely to suffer another in the future.  Education is key for survival when it comes to suffering a stroke.
“I also support this endeavor because Erin has one of the biggest hearts I have ever known and she is committed to using her good to help make a difference in the world. I am proud to support her and to be a part of it.”
We thank Denae for her dedication to the local community and support of our fundraising journey for the National Stroke Association.  Please consider Denae as your future photographer.  Check out her website http://denaenicole.com/ for more information about her services and availability.

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