Team effort or fail!

Triathlon is generally an individual sport…however…for me and a lot of full time parents and employees, it is very much a team effort to make everything work. Without the support of my amazing wife, I would be worthless. Whether she is watching the kids, lugging kids and snacks while navigating confusing race courses, suffering through another conversation about training, or plugging her nose from the stench of sweat, she is a saint and pushes me to reach the goals I have set for myself.

I saw this picture today and it immediately reminded me of the daily comments about how much dirty clothes I produce on a weekly basis.

Yes my wife is amazing and supportive…that doesn’t mean she loves all the unfortunate side effects of being married to a triathlete.

I also can’t wait to see the look on her face when attempt to pack our little hybrid car for thanksgiving vacation with three kids, luggage, stroller, and all my gear. I may be riding on the roof of the car for the 9 hour drive…

Regardless, marriage is a team effort,
and for me, triathlon is a team effort. I would never make it to the finish line without my wife. She is my biggest fan and I could never express my gratitude enough.

Triathlete + mother + wife + full time employee + curious human = ME

This is the beginning of, what I hope to be, an outlet to share my journey in the life of triathlon for those who wish to follow.

In 2009, I completed two triathlons. I was immediately hooked!  Crossing the finish line each time fueled a burning desire that was ignited by some unknown connection to this sport.  I had never been an endurance athlete, let alone, been driven to compete in solo events.  But this was different.  Something about a race with three sports seemed oddly insane, yet captivating. My new found motivation was quickly halted following an injury that occurred during the second race.  Season over!

Flash forward …..

2010-2013 = injuries, financial difficulties, family issues, job changes, moving homes

Flash =forward more…

2014 = redemption year!

Enough had been enough.  Since the first time crossing the finish line, the desire for triathlon never ceased.  Dreams about racing had been manifesting for nearly 5 years and these dreams had now formulated into one large obsession encompassing everything triathlon.  So, in an attempt to redeem myself, I registered for the Kinetic Spring at Lake Anna in May.  This was the race gave me the season ending injury in 2009.  I also registered for the Philly TriRock….the race I was unable to compete in due to the season ending injury in 2009.  This year was for redemption! And by all means it was.  I completed both races and went on to complete the NYC Triathlon in August.  Despite having some illnesses along the way, I accomplished more this season than I had intended.



I did not intend on how difficult being a triathlete along with a full time mother, wife, employee, and friend.  Being all those things at once was more difficult than any race I have completed. But I did learn one thing….I am better at all these things, when I am training.  I am better at life when I am a triathlete.